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BF Skinner's Bio
Who is BF Skinner?
BF Skinner's Research
What is Operant Conditioning?
Principles of Operant Conditioning
Reinforcement Schedule
Generalization and Discrimination
Applications of Operant Conditioning


(All Dates for the timeline were gathered from Karen's An Introduction to Behavior Theory and It's Applications)
1904 Born March 20th.
1930 Initiated research in reflexes.
1930-31 Received Harvard Fellowship.
1936 Married Yvonne Blue.
1938 The Behavior of Organisms was published.
1942 Awarded the Warren Medal by the Society of Experimental Psychologists.
1945 Skinner took over the Psychology Department at the University of Indiana where he developed the Teaching Machine and Air crib
1948 Walden Two was published.
1948 Skinner began his research with pigeons.
1949 Elected president of the Midwestern Psychological Association
1950 (Late 1950's) Psychology: A study of a science
1953 The Analysis of Behavior; American Psychologist.
1956 Fixed interval schedule of reinforcement described.
1957 Ferster and Skinner published Schedules of Reinforcement which described relative performances under CRF to a VR, FI, or VI schedules.
1957 Introduced the term "Verbal Behavior".
1966 Skinner introduced the concept of critical period in reinforcing an event.
1966 Elected president of the Pavlovian Society.
1968 Skinner identified the critical characteristics of programmed instruction.
1971 Published Beyond Freedom and Dignity.
1972 Received the Humanist of the Year Award by the American Humanist Association.
1974 Retired as Harvard's Edgar Pierce Professor of Psychology.
1983 Published Enjoying Old Age.
1990 Skinner died on August 18th.